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Tobago video – Tobago Caribbean island:

Tobago Caribbean island

Tobago Caribbean island

Twinned with Trinidad, Tobago lies at the southern tip of the Caribbean island chain. It is an island for retreat and relaxation, offering a natural and unsophisticated simplicity with clear waters, colourful coral reefs and beautiful beaches.

Along with the many exotic flowers and birds, it is little wonder the island has earned the reputation as the home of the legendary Robinson Crusoe. Tobago offers little in nightlife, and entertainment; it is a haven for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle and retreat to a quieter, calmer place.

Pigeon Point is the island’s most famous beach and a national park area well worth a visit. For the more active, there is golf and watersports to enjoy, and for a day away from the beach, why not hre a car and explore the lush green interior with its wooded hills dotted with sugar and cotton plantations.

This is a collection of my pictures taken from Tobago, it features places such as: Fort King George, Buccoo Reef, Nylon Pool, Tobago’s Botanical Garden, Mason Falls, and some of the buildings of Port of Spain as seen off the port of Port of Spain. This is my first video ever created. Hope you like it, enjoy.

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